Border Security

Border security is Texas security! 

Wall, technology, and support! We need it all.

We have spoken and listened to Border Patrol, DEA, HSI, and FBI. The key component is to let these agencies DO THEIR JOB and enforce the laws on the books. 

With that, our top three intiatives after speaking to the boots on the ground are to:

  1. Retain agents along the border for enforcement. Right now agents are being reorganized for processing of the humanitarian crisis due to the Biden administration.
  2. Invest in assets and technology. The front line warriors need new equipment and the latest technology stay head of the cartels that are training to defeat our border defenses.
  3. SUPPORT! It breaks my heart to hear agents on the frontlines think they do not have America’s support. We need to support our security personnel in every way possible and we will do just that. 



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