Texas Soil And Water

The future and security of Texas relies upon the future and security of our soil, air, and waters. 

The Laguna Madre District and Texas Gulf Coast is unique that we have a border to our South bounded by the Rio Grande River and also to our East in the Gulf of Mexico.

The history of the Rio Grande Delta began in our soil as farmers and ranchers from around the world planted roots, here, sustaining communities and economies with those families still here today. 

From drainage to ecotourism, the natural resources found in the Rio Grande Delta are like none other. Nutrient rich soil, diverse sub-tropical plants, and animal species found no where else in the world. Hydrological history is carved into our lands providing wonderous opportunities for nature and man to exist in harmony. 

I will always support producers and the stewardship of Texas’s natural resources knowing that the foundation of our community and economy has thrived from the ground up. 

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