Valley Veterans

The Rio Grande Valley’s Veterans are the unsung heroes of our home. Ensuring their lively hood, retirement, and health should be of the utmost importance.  I will work and vote to increase healthcare services, alleviate veteran homelessness, and provide training for job placement upon exiting the United States Armed forces. 

HOMELESSNESS: One of my first initiatives will be to pass legislation (The Shelter Act) on preventing Veteran homelessness. My uncle, Vietnam Vet, died on the streets of Houston during the 2021 Texas Winter Storm. With technology and home manufacturing techniques more advanced than ever, there is no reason why any veteran should not have a shelter of their own. 

HEALTHCARE: Every veteran I have spoken with maintains that the VA is not up to par in regards to their healthcare services. I will work with Democrats and Republicans to ensure that every Veteran gets the healthcare they choose and DESERVE!

JOBS: I have direct experience working the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute that actively creates job bridges for employees and employers that are seeking the skills that veterans posses. 

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