This is real life!

South Texas is on the precipice of a monumental journey. To the moon, to mars, even around the world in record time, the future is here, now!

SpaceX has initiated the first global spaceport in the world from Boca Chica beach. The upcoming opportunities are incalculable. Education for our children, economic opportunity, and exploration beyond our current reality. 

 As a middle school  student I will never forget a trip to NASA that is ingrained into my memory for life. Children of all backgrounds, from all walks of life will have the opportunity to witness history fist hand. With being the first ever global spaceport in the world, the demand for new business from manufacturing to tourism will rise as the daily Laguna Madre Tide. Not since the 1960’s has the world seen man go where no one has gone before, and we are poised to do it again right from our own back yard!

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