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Father, Husband, US PatrioT

Gregory Scott Kunkle Jr. is a God-fearing husband, father, American patriot, and service-minded entrepreneur, working for the State and people of Texas his entire professional career.

Born in Weslaco, Son of a South Texas Nurse...

Gregory was born in District-34 at KNAPP Medical Center in Weslaco, TX, where his mother began a career as a nurse of 40 years . Their family moved to Harlingen, TX where she single-handedly raised three children, with Christian and conservative values. It was by the grace of God he would be his mother’s son, learning  the history, culture, and passionate work ethic of Hispanic first-generation Americans.

Texas Public Schools, Texas Public service...


Gregory attended the Harlingen public school system and graduated from Harlingen High School (HHS) in 2005.  While in high school, Gregory completed his Eagle Scout Project in Harlingen at Hugh Ramsey Nature Park, building nature trails and stocking ponds with aquatic animals for habitat restoration. Also during this time, Gregory served the children of South Texas in Rio Hondo, TX at Camp Perry Boy Scouts of America (BSA) for four years as a Nature and Shotgun Merit Badge Instructor, inspiring youth in the great outdoors and teaching safety as well as the importance of the Second Amendment. 

Gregory attended Texas A&M University (TAMU), made the Dean’s List, and completed a Bachelor of Science in Renewable Natural Resources (RENR) with Ecosystem Management certificates in Hydrology, Wetland Delineation, and Masters coursework in Remote Sensing. During his time at TAMU, he met his wife of 13 years, Abbey Kunkle of McAllen, TX. Together, they have four children, two of which were born during their college years. They worked full time and both graduated from Texas A&M University. A remarkable achievement, all three of Irasema Maldonado Kunkle’s children (and now a daughter-in-law) graduated from Texas public universities. 

Work Experience and Texas Service...

After graduating, Gregory returned home to District 34 in Harlingen with his wife and young family. His first job upon graduation was in San Benito, TX for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Center Cameron County assisting in the implementation of a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant focusing on urban-agriculture, horticulture, and the alleviation of food insecurity along the US/Mexico Border. During this time, his family was blessed to reside in Laguna Vista, TX along the Lower Laguna Madre. With the contacts and experience attained in Cameron County AgriLife Extension, as well as a family of producers in Willacy County, Gregory formed the foundation of his first entrepreneurial ambition: AEROAG, a precision agriculture service utilizing drones for data acquisition in farm management that is currently working with the King Ranch, Texas A&M University Researchers, and South Texas producers.

Drone Farming, Robotics, and Cyber Security...

After three years of working for AgriLife Extension in Cameron County, Gregory and his family decided to return to TAMU to further their education and pursue a degree in Aerospace Engineering (AERO). Completing his first year in AERO, Gregory was fortunate to be hired by the Department of Mechanical Engineering (MEEN) in 2017 for the implementation of a Department of Defense (DoD) research initiative: The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM). During these three years, he was able to secure, manage, and complete a portfolio of Public/Private DoD robotic research partnerships working with scientists, CEOs, and some of the biggest DoD contractors in America with millions of dollars funded through congressional legislation. This program not only produced significant public/private proprietary robotic developments for the DoD but also included Veteran’s Workforce Development training for Armed Service Members exiting the military, providing them a certificate of Continuing Education Units (CEU) in robotics issued by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University. 



Gregory Today...

In 2020, Gregory was promoted to a position with the Texas A&M Cyber Security Center (TAM2C) for the implementation of a National Security Administration (NSA) workforce development initiative: The Defense Cyber Leadership Development Program (DCLDP). Finding a niche in DoD program initiation at TAMU, this program works with a select, elite, group of students achieving certifications, experiential learning, internships, and job training in Top Secret/Classified environments with the National Security Administration (NSA), United States Cyberspace Command (CYBERCOM), and Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command (MARFOCYBER). 

Husband and Wife Musicians

After work during the last ten years, Gregory and Abbey have been blessed to be active musicians across all genres of music all across Texas. They have regularly performed at Colletti’s and Stefano’s of Harlingen, Rodizio of McAllen, the SPI Country Club of Laguna Vista, Cobbleheads of Brownsville, the Hilton Garden Inn of South Padre Island, as well as some of the most famous venues and cities in Texas. Most recently in 2019 they became Worship Leaders at LifePoint Christian Church in Bryan, TX stepping down due to the death of his mother whom contracted COVID providing health care services at the Port Isabel Immigration Processing Center. Henceforth, Gregory was inspired to pursue a congressional run because of the passion he and his mother shared to make a real, lasting impact for the people of South Texas.

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Pro-Choice Education

Pro-Natural Resources

Pro- People of Texas

Pro-Border Security

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Christ fearing father of 4 children blessed with an angel of a wife. Married 13  years in McAllen, Texas traversing all the Texas terrain as a family, as Texans. 

Eagle Scout, A Servant to the State of Texas… A history of hard work for Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Texas A&M Mechanical Engineering, and the Texas A&M Cyber Security Center

Patrol Leader for Trail Life TX-1525. A life of religious service from leading worship to leading the future young men of our country. 

The American Dream lives in the lives of small business. From the King Ranch to to the Department of Defense, we work to make Texas, America, and the world a better place.